2018 Processed & Unprocessed Multi-Tracks
  • 2018 Processed & Unprocessed Multi-Tracks
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Are you into mixing high quality multi-tracks? Do you know nothing about audio/mixing, and you're just curious to hear each element of "2018" isolated? Then you're going to want in on this!

After purchasing these multi-tracks, you will receive a document that will have a thank you message, as well as a link to an unlisted YouTube video. In the video, Julian will walk you through properly opening the .zip file and getting the multi-tracks up and running!

Of course, you will also receive a file full of both processed and unprocessed multi-tracks for our song titled "2018" off of our five song EP titled "Regicide." Use the unprocessed multi-tracks to mix your own version of the song in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), or use the processed multi-tracks to listen to each element of the mix isolated. If you do the former, be sure to send us your mixes at PathFallacyBand@gmail.com so we can hear them!

These multi-tracks will work with any DAW. They all have a bit depth of 24 bit, and a sample rate of 48kHz, as a result they must be loaded into a session with the same bit depth and sample rate.

As always, thank you for your support. We are all forever grateful <3

Due to the nature of digital downloads, this purchase is non-refundable!

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