Regicide - EP

Pathetic Fallacy

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The Regicide is our second EP, and it is available everywhere now!

This EP is really interesting because most of it was written last year before our first release. We were planning on releasing some of these songs on The New Years Tapes, but in the interest of time we decided to save them and release what we had finished. It feels awesome that we're finally releasing these songs since we've had them written for so long!

The meaning behind the name "Regicide" is derived from the word's actual meaning, which is "the action of killing a king." We decided to relate it to the ungrateful, and generally unpleasant people in the world who blatantly take everything for granted and think of themselves as kings in order to write the words for the title track "Regicide." Luckily, we were able to work with Trevor McKeon (@BoyExtraordinary on Instagram) to put together cover art that perfectly ties this concept together with our band name. The deer, or "the regal king of the forest" as Trevor put it, is wearing a crown and being split in half with his soul coming out, which signifies his death. This, combined with the pathetic fallacy tied into giving an animal a human responsibility, perfectly ties everything together.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this process as smooth as it could’ve possibly been!! Thank you to Dobromir Vasilev (@dobcho_666) for making these mixes sound slammin’. Thank you to Mike Kalajian from Rogue Planet Mastering (@rogueplanetmastering) for putting some sexy ass finishing touches on this shit. Thank you to Alexa Petersen (@alexacpetersen) for shooting and editing an awesome video for 2018! Thank you to Christian Sasso (@_christian_sass0) for acting in said video and doing an insane job. Thank you to Chloe Brenna (@chloebrenna) for taking some awesome pictures of us! Thank you to Ashley Weltner (@ashleyweltner) from Brave New Radio (@bravenewradio) for hosting our first radio appearance! Thank you to Jesea Lee (@jesealee) from High Road Publicity (@highroadpublicity) for working super hard to make sure our new music finds lots of new ears! Thank you to Trevor McKeon (@boyextraordinary) for being the best artist out there, and never failing to make sick cover art that brings our weird ass ideas to life! Last, but definitely not least, thank you to everyone that has ever come to one of our shows, and streamed, purchased, or even just listened to one of our songs! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALSO COME OUT TO OUR RELEASE SHOW TO CELEBRATE ON DECEMBER 15TH AT THE ASBURY PARK MUSIC FOUNDATION DOORS AT 7:30 MUSIC AT 8:00

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